Krump Pow II Schedule


10AM-6AM Room prep in the main ballroom (Krump Pow staff only)

6PM-10PM Informal gathering, judges/scorekeepers review and pre-registration safety checks.



8AM-9AM Registration and safety checks

9AM-930AM Welcome and rules orientation

930AM-11AM Singlestick Round 1

11AM-1230PM Steel Rapier Round 1

1230PM-130PM Lunch

130PM-330PM Mixed Synthetic Round 1

330PM-630PM Steel Longsword Round 1

7PM Informal Dinner



9AM-1030AM Singlestick Round 2

1030AM-12PM Steel Rapier Round 2

12PM-1PM Lunch

1PM-3PM Mixed Synthetic Round 2

3PM-6PM Steel Longsword Round 2

630PM-730PM Finals

8PM Semi Formal Dinner/Awards



9AM-930AM Balloon Battle Prep

930AM-10AM Balloon Battle Practice

10AM-12PM Balloon Battle

12PM-2PM Clean up


Throughout weekend

Classes to be listed at Krump Pow registration desk

Krump Pow! Classic, Too

Sept 30th - Oct 2nd 2016

Welcome back, everyone! The Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association is bringing Krump Pow! back to Appleton, WI for another weekend of HEMA celebration. Krump Pow! will be celebrating the sword arts with its unique tournament experience and environment. 2016 will be bringing back all the goodies from the original Krump Pow! along with some added surprises, including a steel single rapier tournament and a team battle. Follow the Krump Pow! Facebook page or stay tuned here to catch the latest Krump Pow! news. Have a great 2016 and we'll see you soon!

Just a couple quick things about Krump Pow! 2016...

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Krump Pow! 2015

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